Cook King


COOK KING INC, for over 35 years, has manufactured the most unique Broiler/Oven in the industry. The Patented system is complete with front end burners and a built-in brander to apply grill marks to the product The unique Patented features of our equipment offer our customers the ability to produce the finest value added products possible. Flavor, color, texture and yield are key results from the Cook King processing equipment. Our advanced manufacturing technology allows us to offer premium products at the lowest possible cost.

COOK KING also manufactures Fryer Systems, Searing Units, free standing Grill Markers, Steam Ovens, Oil Filters and Conveyor Systems. A complete test facility is located in our Southern California manufacturing plant.

Our total team approach from design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service assures our customers a successful start up as well as on-going production success. Our satisfied customers worldwide attest to the attention to detail and follow up provided by our entire team.

Our complete lab facility offers you the ability to test your product and experience the taste and processing results obtainable with our cooking equipment.


Please explore our various web pages and call 949 497-1235, or E-Mail Us for additional inform.