CEM Corporation


CEM Corporation is the leading global provider of laboratory instrumentation for the meat industry. Backed by best in class service and support, you can guarantee the results on CEM systems.

The SMART 6 ProFat™ Meat Analyzer is a revolutionary way to determine the protein, fat, and moisture content of a sample. Based on the innovative SMART 6™ Moisture/Solids Analyzer, featuring rapid iDri™ Technology, the ProFat can accurately determine the compositional analysis of raw meat or pre-blend samples in under 90 seconds. Pair the SMART 6 ProFat with a Trac™ Analysis System to test any meat product, raw or cooked. For other applications, the new SMART 6 offers superior direct moisture analysis and the Sprint® Protein Analyzer provides a rapid, direct protein test. For your complete food testing needs. CEM also offers a line of microwave digestion systems for sample preparation for trace metals analysis.

With outstanding customer support and almost 40 years of experience, CEM is the world-wide leader in Compositional Analysis.


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