Bettcher brings more than seven decades of successful innovation to the market. We’re a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative cutting tools and equipment for food processing, foodservice and other operations. We pioneered the development of hand-held, powered meat trimming equipment, including the Quantum® Trimmer System.

We’re much more than just equipment. For decades, we’ve been perfecting the art of meat trimming by finding more ways to increase product yields and plant profits along with improving product quality and worker productivity.

Working side-by-side with meat, poultry and seafood plant operators, our sales and service professionals are continually developing and improving the methods and tools for you to perform dozens of different trimming applications.

Education and training of line workers comes first from our sales team and selling partners, who are available in person. Additional support includes our on-demand interactive training modules built on the Alchemy platform that enable your entire staff to access the best education the industry offers – right at their fingertips.

Let us help you improve your product yields, worker productivity and plant profits!


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