Avure Technologies-Advertorial


Avure Technologies is the recognized global leader in High Pressure Processing (HPP) science and technology.

Having created the first commercial high pressure processing system more than 60 years ago, today Avure features multiple HPP systems, including the AV-X, with modular, energy-efficient and space-saving designs, worldwide tolling centers, and partnerships with more major food brands than every other HPP manufacturer. Avure machines feature the highest capacity and reliability plus the lowest operating costs of any HPP machine in the marketplace.

Avure’s modular machines enable a producer to buy the machine that best suits current needs, and as the company grows and volume expands, the machine can be expanded to keep up with increased demand. With Avure HPP, producers are manufacturing in record volumes and growing their distribution overnight.

Avure also manufactures a vertical machine, the AV-S, developed specifically to allow seafood producers to more efficiently process shellfish, removing 100% of the meat from the shell, increasing yields by up to 30%.

Avure operates an in-house research and development facility to help partners perfect their HPP-friendly recipes plus maintains service centers around the globe to answer questions, provide on-site maintenance and spare parts fulfillment.


Avure Technologies

1830 Airport Exchange Road

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Erlanger, KY, USA, 41018