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Weber Inc.

From the built-in flexibility of Weber’s compact 305 Slicing System to the unmatched productivity of Weber’s new and powerful 908, there’s a durable and hygienic Weber Slicing System made to precisely fit every application and volume need. 

Highest Volume Slicing Solutions 

At the high end of the volume-processing scale, Weber’s new six-lane 908 will simultaneously handle two, 3-meat sandwich set-ups simply and profitably, in one pass. Innovative Weber technology includes blade speeds up to 2,000 rpm and endless product feed, increasing product throughput when compared to other high-volume systems. Product yields and presentation flexibility are unmatched. Weber’s open architecture allows easy cleaning in significantly less time. (See video online.) 

Outstanding Flexibility for Mid-Volume Processors

Weber’s processor-proven 804 System packs big-time performance into a flexible slicing solution that offers many of the advantages built into Weber’s largest systems -- including the advanced hygienic technology. The company’s proprietary idle-cut knife head assures perfectly edged slices and flawlessly on-weight portions at involute blade speeds up to 1,500 rpm. Overhead product guidance ensures stability and product control, boosting yields and reducing product waste on slices from .5 to 50 mm thick. A user-friendly touch screen controls sixteen standard presentations. (See video online.) 

Big-Time Performance for Smaller Processors, too 

Superbly engineered and ruggedly constructed, the compact Weber 305 requires only 11 square feet of space, but will simultaneously slice two 4-inch logs. Operate at blade speeds up to 400-RPM and present perfectly shingled or shaved portions. Interleave up to 400 slices per minute in stacks or shingles. Rapid changeovers are assured by Weber’s 10-parameter touch screen. (See video online.) 

Weber also manufactures efficient food robotics, as well as a wide variety of skinners and derinders. See product videos on line at 

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