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Making the Grade with Bacon. Give Your Customers EXACTLY What They Want

Exceed your customer’s expectations with the Weber 702 BGS (Bacon Grading System). The 702 BGS robust grading technology gives bacon producers the ability to consistently differentiate bacon grades and the flexibility to change parameters based on customer specifications:

• Identify and determine acceptable percentage of lean and desirable slice quality.

• Identify undesirable qualities such as snow balls, mouse holes, fish hooks and more.

• Produce quality bacon slices at speeds up to 84 retail shingled drafts of 1 lb. bacon per minute or up to 120 layout sheets (9 slices) per minute

 Where Yield is King. You Just Can’t Beat Weber’s 702 Bacon Slicer

Get the most out of every bacon belly you slice using Weber’s 702 Bacon Slicer. With unrivaled product control, blade technology and speed of the 702 Bacon Slicer, you can get up to 84 retail shingled drafts of 1 pound bacon or up to 120 layout sheets per minute.


• Minimize product waste with a gripperless feed system

• Get more from your belly with front slice and end-piece management

• Perfect slice laydown to conveyor for presentation flexibility


• Less friction delivers best slice quality at higher speeds

• Slices with fewer idle cuts for greater throughput

• Efficiently slices bacon bellies at temperatures up to 27 degrees

Weber’s 702 bacon slicer and the 702 BGS has brought repeatable, reliable results at speeds unmatched in the industry. Deliver the quality slices and on-weight portions your customers demand. Call Weber today 800-891-0072.

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