SFK Danfotech Inc.


SFK Processing Equipment Improves Yield and Throughput

SFK Danfotech manufactures innovative, high yield, maximum throughput solutions for the food processing industry. We offer an advanced and targeted product line that gives our customers a competitive edge.

SFK Danfotech operates in 5 key areas: 

  • Meat and Bacon pressing
  • Quick Thaw Vacuum Defrost Systems for all types of meat
  • Mould Systems with Cook and Chill for Slicing and Deli Logs
  • Meat processing – Massager - Tumblers – Tenderizers - Macerators
  • Meat Transfer Systems 

Our commitment to “IMPROVING EFFICIENCY AND YIELD” continues with new and innovative products that give you higher throughputs and more product down the line.

Some of the latest developments: Our new High Speed Servo-driven Bacon Press with auto feed operates at up to 20 cycles per minute. Pressing is made using the latest technology in Servo drives and it’s the only machine available that will press each belly from 4 directions. A 40” chamber elongates even the biggest of bellies. Another innovative approach is the Vacuum Defrost System which eliminates the drip loss associated with traditional thawing methods. Frozen meat blocks are defrosted in 6 to 8 hours in a controlled vacuum steamless system. This natural process is a sanitary, low-cost and safe way to defrost meat while gaining very large yield increases. Finally SFK Danfotech has launched a material handling system using a new patented meat switch which enables a seamless transfer of injected meat muscles to multiple massager destinations for further processing - just one more way to improve throughput.

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