noax Technologies Corp


noax Technologies Corp is a leading manufacturer of rugged and industrial computers for extremely harsh or hygienic environments. Having over 20 years experience, noax uses the highest quality components and accessories to ensure long-lasting reliability. Managing and communicating data across different areas of the company is made simple by real-time processing and the ease of networking. Made of V2A stainless steel, the Steel Series is completely sealed and has a protection rating of IP69k (NEMA 6). The Panel Series is smooth and versatile, with minimal installation depth to easily fit into small enclosures and cabinets. The rugged Compact Series is ideal for extreme conditions like logistics, metals, construction and agriculture, and widely used as a forklift terminal with WLAN and Bluetooth capabilities.

• Industrial Computers
• Industry Thin Clients
• Forklift Terminals
• Computers used as weighing terminals

Protected Against:
• Safety standard of IP65 (NEMA 4) and up to IP69k (NEMA 6)
• Shock and vibration
• High-pressure water
• Harsh disinfectants or chemicals
• Moisture
• Humidity
• Oil
• Dust
• Extreme high and low temperatures
• Harsh outdoor environments

Product Highlights:
• Used in a variety of different industries including food processing, pharmaceutical, 
  manufacturing and production
• Bright TFT or LED displays
• Resistive analog touch-screens
• Optimal readability
• Proprietary mainboard with 7 year availability
• Up to 5 year warranty
• Industry-leading references available


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