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   For more than thirty years, Landen Strapping Corporation has worked diligently to design and build the most reliable stainless strapping systems in the world. Tailored exclusively for the harsh environment of the meatpacking industry.

As the nationwide leader in stainless automatic strapping systems, we continue to meet our customers needs by incorporating industry specific modifications. With these modifications we are able to meet the daily demands brought on by high production and corrosive atmospheres.

Meatpacking applications are unique and provide some of the most demanding and harsh environments found in modern day industrial packaging. For that reason alone, unlike competitors, Landen builds an array of machines specifically tailored to meet the high stress demands of the meatpacking industry. Our new LP-9X, designed specifically for applications where water and salt are found, is the stainless bottom seal version of our highly reliable LP-9 series.

Why accept veneers, partial stainless or painted units when you can get a true stainless machine from Landen that is built to take daily punishment at an affordable price?


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