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PRODUCT RELEASE :Grote adds auto-loading capability with its new 613-VS2-Log End Slicer

Grote’s Log End Slicing Equipment allows large volume slicing operations to recover additional usable slices from every meat log sliced. Designed specifically to slice product log ends discarded from high speed deli meat log slicers, these unique slicing systems can produce usable, high quality slices from log end transition pieces that would otherwise require rework or manual slicing. Grote’s newest slicer, the 613-VS2-Log End Slicer, can be configured for 1 or 2 lane slicing operations, includes a standard auto-load conveyor system for continuous feed, and can be programmed for bulk, stack/shingle, and auto-eject modes. With more usable slices from each log sliced, Grote’s Log End Slicing Equipment offers processors a tremendous payback opportunity in most high speed deli meat slicing operations. Contact Grote today to demonstrate your product on our Log End Slicer.


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