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Introducing FoodChek Systems: Food Safety, Simplified.

At FoodChek™, our mission is to be the leading global provider of fast, accurate, AOAC-approved food safety testing systems and materials that detect contaminants (e.g. pathogens, allergens, etc.) throughout the human food production chain. We specialize in the development and commercialization of proprietary, cost-effective food safety tests focused on E. coli O157, Listeria spp. and Salmonella spp.

FoodChek’s “Patent Pending” Actero™ Enrichment Media Delivers...
• Fastest time-to-results in the bacteria growth phase.
• Sample enrichment growth up to 30% faster for E. coli O157 and Listeria, and up to an amazing 70% faster for Salmonella.
• Compatibility with most pathogen testing systems.
• AOAC approvals.

Customer Testimonials
“FoodChek provides Rastelli with a cost benefit and competitive food safety marketing edge.”
“The FoodChek System (Actero Enrichment Media and MICT Assay Cassettes) provides the fastest time-to-results on the market today in both the sample enrichment growth phase and the testing phase.”
“FoodChek eliminates expensive “test/hold” practices and allows for a same day product release and shipment.”
- Carl Zerr, Director of International Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Rastelli Foods Group 


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