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EagleEagle Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID) is a premium food safety inspection leader, with a large global installation base supported by a world-class customer service team. Eagle’s line of x-ray inspection systems evaluates products for contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone while also having the ability to check mass, evaluate compartmentalised fill level, and analyse fat content to help manufacturers enhance quality, safety and productivity on their lines. Eagle machines use Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology to enhance traditional x-ray inspection to allow detection of materials previously unseen by x-ray or any other conventional means in difficult product applications.

EAGLE Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID)
6005 Benjamin Road • Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: +1-877-379-1670 • Email: eaglesales@eaglepi.com 
Internet: www.eaglepi.com