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CM Process SolutionsC M Process Solutions are proud to announce their new innovative solution for mixing and tumbling products within a standard 400lb buggy.

The GBT 300 is specifically designed to tumble and mix products such as chicken breasts, red meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and wet salads.

The GBT 300 is designed to work with standard 400 lb buggies and can hold a maximum of 440lbs of product; it is supplied with a vacuum for marinating a chosen product.

The buggy is loaded within the cradle and the interlocking door is shut, the GBT 300 is controlled by a PLC so all recipes and cycle times can be pre set and stored within the program. The cycle start function is pressed and the buggy tumbles for the set period of time, upon finishing the cycle the buggy is returned to the unload position where selecting the unload function returns the buggy to floor level and the door is unlocked for unloading.

The GBT 300 is designed with optimal hygiene in mind, all product contact parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel with the main frame being 304 grade.

C M Process will be exhibiting the GBT 300 at the up coming Process Expo show at McCormick Place in Chicago November 1st – November 4th.

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