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Did you know that Busch manufacturers liquid ring vacuum pumps? As the leading supplier of rotary vane vacuum pumps used for vacuum packaging, Busch R 5 series vacuum pumps are recognized worldwide for their quality, performance and reliability. Today, with the addition of our Dolphin series liquid ring vacuum pumps (LRVP), we bring those same attributes to food processing applications where high vapor loads or liquid carryover calls for the use of liquid ring technology.

Busch Dolphin series LRVP’s are available in either single or two stage design, separate drive or motor mounted (depending on size), and with a wide range of materials of construction and seal options to choose from. Manufactured at our facilities in Virginia Beach, VA, and Congleton, England, all pumps are made using only high quality components and materials that meet Busch quality standards.

For systems, Busch offers full, partial and no recovery systems (including 316 SS systems), as well as specializing in the design and build of custom LRVP systems to our customer’s exact specification. From simple point of use pump solutions, to complex multi-pump systems, or anything in between, the Busch team is here with your LRVP solution.

For support, Busch maintains factory owned service centers located in Virginia, Texas, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado and Puerto Rico. All locations offer full remanufacturing services for your Busch pump, in addition to exchange pumps, replacement parts, oils, accessories, technical support and assistance.

With pumping speeds to 6,000 CFM, end vacuum capability to 29” Hgv (25 Torr), and with a wide range of materials, options and accessories to choose from, think Busch the next time you need a liquid ring solution. To learn more about Busch, Dolphin LRVP’s or any of Busch’s high quality vacuum pumps, products or services, call 1-800-USA-PUMP or go online to www.buschusa.com.

Expect the best when you specify Busch.

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