Best Food Safety. Better Bottom Line.

For further processors, it’s often a daily challenge to balance effective cleaning and sanitizing with efficient production –– especially when you’re on a tight schedule. While food safety and the protection of the food chain is always the first priority, you’re also concerned about cost control, down time and meeting business goals especially when just one hour of lost production time can be very costly.

Birko has over 60 years of experience serving further processors in the fresh, frozen and cooked markets. We can help you with the issues that are impacting your food safety and sanitation, and that may ultimately be impacting your productivity.

Birko’s further processing consultation service includes a comprehensive review of food safety, sanitation and production processes to identify best practices that will boost your bottom line while ensuring best food safety. We specialize in helping further processors achieve further profits.

Elements of Birko Best Practices

• Food Safety
• Production Efficiency
• Labor Optimization
• Cost Management
• Antimicrobial Process
• Utilities Utilization


Birko will not only identify best practices, but we will show your team how to implement and maintain them for sustainable results!

• Birko is an original member of the International HACCP Alliance
• We support requirements for:
- ISO 9001
- The British Retail Consortium
- Safe Quality Food Institute

Birko’s Best Practices Team

Our highly trained team of experts includes microbiologists, sanitation process specialists, and specialists from quality assurance and food processing operation backgrounds. By focusing on the intersection of a further processor’s production, food safety and sanitation processes, Birko can help identify and resolve the issues that are affecting food safety and production, gaining valuable efficiencies while increasing food safety.

Our Commitment

Birko’s cleaning and sanitation solutions are part of The Birko Advantage, a total integrated food safety solution of chemistry, equipment and technology designed to help further processors achieve a more efficient, economical and safer food plant operation.

Count on Birko for your cleaning, sanitation and food safety needs.

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