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A Powerful Combination of Chemistry and Equipment

Concerns about cross contamination and bacteria transfer during further processing call for a multi-hurdle approach to food protection. Birko and Chad Equipment, a Birko company, provide the best of both worlds through a powerful combination of chemistry and equipment. Chad’s Automatic Mixing System mixes and applies antimicrobial process aids for further processors of primals, subprimals and trim. This proven technology reduces and controls microbial contamination in grinding and other further processing applications.

The automatic mixing system supplies Birko’s Beefxide® antimicrobial solution at the proper concentration temperature and flow. Chad’s Conveyorized Spray System then applies the solution at scientifically approved operating parameters providing 360 degree coverage of the product. Together, the automatic mixing system and conveyorized spray system make up the Antimicrobial Spray System—a proven way to improve product quality safety, shelf life and provide a marketable competitive advantage for further processors.

Contacting Birko:

To find out more about how Birko can help partner with you on food safety, contact us at, (800) 525-0476 or (303) 289-1090.

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