Bioionix Inc



Bioionix, Inc. manufactures a proven disinfection process designed to disinfect challenging meat, poultry and cheese processing liquid streams to significantly extend their running times or to permit their reuse elsewhere in the plant. Other benefits include reduction in cleaning frequency and time providing more time for production. Spray systems also available for disinfection of RTE products prior to slicing. Targeted applications include the disinfection of:

• Brine chiller liquids
• RTE Meats
• Chesse Brine
• Poultry chiller water
• Poultry final chillers
• Product shower water
• Carcass washing  
• CIP liquids

Breakthrough Disinfection Process

With no moving parts and no chemicals needed, the Bioionix disinfection process is effective in colored and opaque liquids and those containing suspended solids. The system is designed to food industry 3A sanitation standards and includes automated controls to minimize energy use. 

The Bioionix process works by generating safe SuperOxidants directly in the liquid stream. These include fast acting hydroxyl radicals and superoxides, quick acting hypochlorous acid, plus a slower acting hypochlorite residual. Optimal disinfection levels can be maintained on a continuous basis.

Bioionix equipment is designed for reliable continuous production use. Its small footprint permits retrofits into tight existing plants. Capacities range from 40 gallons per minute to millions of gallons per day. Bioionix systems are modular and can be readily expanded as plant volume grows.


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