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Avure High Pressure Processing Solutions


AvureAvure Technologies, the global leader in high pressure processing (HPP) solutions, offers the broadest range of equipment and services to bring successful HPP products to market. Using the power of ultra high water pressure, Avure HPP eliminates food borne pathogens, including Listeria, E. coli and Samonella, extends shelf life by as much as two times, allows expanded market reach and enables the delivery of delicious, high quality, clean label, preservative free and reduced sodium products, while maintaining organoleptic properties – without the use of heat or chemicals.

Avure leads in horizontal, vertical and laboratory systems and total HPP solutions, with the vast majority of HPP food products available worldwide today created using our equipment and technology. With the high capacity, reliability and low operating costs that are hallmark to all of our equipment offerings, our unmatched food science knowledge and lab services, and a growing network of HPP contract services providers, Avure is uniquely positioned to help processors worldwide deliver successful HPP products. Avure is headquartered in Middletown, Ohio. 

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