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MEAT+POULTRY Email Newsletters offer a variety of ways to interact with and receive news that affects the industry. Subscriptions to these e-newsletters are free and take only moments to sign up.

Morning Dispatch

The Morning Dispatch provides processors with a mid-morning update of the day’s news along with agricultural market updates, commentary and other exclusive content processors can’t find anywhere else.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Each Friday morning, MEAT+POULTRY editors select the week’s biggest stories and compile them into a single newsletter, the Weekly Wrap-Up. These are the most-read, most-shared stories from the week delivered to your inbox to keep you up to date on stories you might have missed during the busy workweek.

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Afternoon Update

The Afternoon Update rounds out the news day with the latest reports, breaking news and analysis from our expert team as well as Senior Editor Bryan Salvage’s popular blog.

Food Safety Monitor

If food safety is a part of your job description you can’t afford to not have a resource like the Food Safety Monitor at your disposal. Published every other week, the Food Safety Monitor aggregates the most important food safety stories published by Sosland Publishing’s staff of industry leading editors into a convenient format.

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Bacon Business News

Published semimonthly by the editors of MEAT+POULTRY, bacon business news includes the latest news, trends and technology fueling this iconic category.

R&D Insider

R&D Insider is a monthly e-newsletter focused on ingredient news and trends, including deep dives into the science and research behind the latest ingredient technology and applications.

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